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Uses: Enhance or retrain lost sense of smell

The sense of smell, which in medical terms is referred to as olfaction, is an important part of the joy of living as well as for ensuring personal safety. Viral infections, chronic nasal and sinus diseases, facial trauma, nasal and sinus surgeries, aging and certain drug therapies can all lead to a reduction in the sense of smell. While formal testing can be done by a medical professional, typically a person knows if their sense of smell isn't working well. There are a large number of research articles that indicate that the sense of smell can be retrained by practicing with known aromas on a daily basis. NeilMed® has
created this kit to help facilitate the process of olfactory training.

If your sense of smell does not improve, or you have other new nasal symptoms of concern, you should see your physician for investigation.

Contents: 4 Separate Essential Oil Inhalers Eucalyptus, Lemon, Rose, and Clove
Net Wt. Each: 0.035 oz (0.99 g)

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