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NasaMist Saline Spray All-In-One is a nasal moisturizer and saline rinse, all in one can. Soothe, moisturize and cleanse using a specially designed Large Volume Rinse Tip.

  • Soothe, moisturize, and cleanse using three specially designed nozzles.
  • Spray or Irrigate to Cleanse, Moisturize & Soothe Nasal Passages with Sterile, Isotonic, Preservative Free & pH Balanced mist
  • Specially Designed Nozzle delivers the finest, most gentle mist for nasal applications

    Use For

    Nasal Allergies and Dryness
    Sinusitis, Rhinitis
    Allergic Asthma
    Post Nasal Drip
    Sinus Pressure & Nasal Congestion
    Nasal Symptoms from Flu and Cold
    Nasal Irritation from Occupational and House Dust, Fumes, Animal Dander, Grass, Pollen, Environmental Pollutants and Smoke

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